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She did not know what she should do next. To be honest, she really wanted to go and look for the godly genius. She knew that the Galaxy Aristocrats, especially the women, were not allowed to fall in love with men outside their tribe, but she kept telling herself, if she could just see the super genius once, she would be contented. As for developing feelings for each other, she dared not expect too much.


Alright, respected orange-level Honorary Aristocrat, Sir Tianyi, the other paperwork will be settled later on. The clerk bowed respectfully and secretly thought,This brat is crazy. Heavens will? Damn it. Its heavens will that you became an Honorary Aristocrat? Do you represent God?


There is no benefit in saying too much. Hong Weiguo sighed. As parents, we cannot let our children be involved if there is trouble. Most importantly, what can they do if they know? With his character, will he be able to stay at the Galaxy Alliance? Even if he comes back, he might not be able to help either. It will also affect what hes doing at the Galaxy Alliance. We have no idea when the Zerg will come, we should not let him wait here with us.


Previously, he only learned the external skills. As for the internal skills, he only learned a bit. This was because his strength wasn’t enough for him to learn the very deep and advanced internal energy skills previously.


“Hehehe, hehehehe…” Unexpectedly, after being dazed for a while, Hong Dali suddenly laughed. He actually expressed that he was very pleased. “Birds of a feather flock together. This is a prodigal bird, I like it! Brouhahaha!”


Therefore, it was impossible to enter the filming industry here without a strong backing and possession of powerful technology.

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“Cough, cough, cough!” Hong Dali said it matter-of-factly that Tang Long started coughing violently. He coughed for quite a while as he was too shocked. “You say you passed all thirty levels? For real? In the past, there was a training tower just like this one. My Master only managed to pass twenty-six levels on the first day. The most powerful man in the Galaxy, Duan Xuan, also only managed to pass twenty-seven levels. And you are telling me you passed all thirty?!”


In the skies in the virtual world, a large announcement appeared. On it was written—


“That’s right. Currently, in the Milky Way Alliance, the filming industry is the most lucrative industry, and also the hardest industry to go into. Each film requires tens of millions of dollars to produce. If he makes a loss, this will impact a large part of his assessment performance. If it wasn’t because of this, Master would have given this filming company away long ago. It’s just that no one dared to want it in the past!”


Daughter, Her mother comforted her. as long as you dont feel grieved, let nature take its course. I wont say more regarding matters of the heart. Youre not a small girl anymore, I believe you understand.


Green Phoenix Kris Sudarian was lying on the ground with her eyes closed and resting. Suddenly, her mind vibrated and she looked towards the inside of the cave. In there, an egg that was ablaze with a light blueish flame cracked open!


At this time, other than the newly advanced Honorary Aristocrat Tianyi, which other orange-level Honorary Aristocrat dared to be so cocky here?


“AO—!!!” The beast gave out an alarming wailing sound. Its whole body was shot through by the pillar of fire and burned till it became black. Then, it dropped onto the ground and turned into ashes.



“We…” Luo Qiang had wanted to give him a generic answer, for example, properties, spacecraft, gems… but when he thought about his Boss’ strange requirements, he nodded decisively. “We accept everything, as long as they have value.”



A prosperous man would have a full set of top-grade gems. A rich man would have a full set of double attribute gems! And only a tycoon would have more than ten people who had full sets of double attribute gems!


He would increase little Bai Hechous lifespan first speaking of which, he could only add it in years, it could not be split any further into months


Hehe. Come, hug! Hong Dali chuckled as he gave Lin Chuyin a hug, followed by a kiss. En, it feels good.

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