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En, good, good. Li Nianweis mother gently smoothed Li Nianweis slightly disheveled hair, sounding like she was going to cry. Our Nianwei is always a very understanding and good girl. Im sure you wont become Young Master Dalis burden. But your marriage She looked at Tang Muxin and sighed softly, clearly not daring to let others hear her. After all, Li Nianwei was her only daughter. She had to get married sooner or later. If she could marry the kind Young Master, Hong Dali, that would be perfect. But she was slightly despondent since Hong Dali already had a legitimate fiancee, Tang Muxin.


Here, powerful beasts and terrifying creatures could be found all around. Also, the items that the Galaxy Aristocrats viewed very importantly, the Soul Stones, originated from here too!


He was an elder member of the highest authority of the Galaxy Aristocrats, one of the five current protectors of the Galaxy Aristocrats and the Milky Way, Five Kings.Dongliu!


One person asked, Aye, brother, whats with this shop? Why is there only one armor in the shop? It seems it is embedded with gems. Its only selling for one thousand Galaxy Dollars? Is it for real?


Transportation was convenient in the virtual world. The key was that the Bureau Chief had given Hong Weiguo and Lan Ruoxi, and everyone else, a designated place of residence in the city. Once they came online, they would be in the city. In just about five to six minutes, Hong Weiguo, Lan Ruoxi, Tang Muxin’s parents Tang Ruisi and his wife, Geezer Wang, Ling Mufeng, and everyone else arrived.


Lan Ruoxi secretly winked at Hong Weiguoit seemed although Dali had no intention to get a wife, he had plenty of lovers. Look, look. Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, Lin Chuyin, and Zhang Yi. There were already four of them. This casanova was indeed an offspring of the Hong Family!

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Okay! Hearing the mention of Sauron Auction Center, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Ling Xiaoyi looked at each other. They were really curious about the selling price of the three attribute gems


“That’s right.” Following behind him, Ao Ran nodded and said, “This kind of strength is really… Terrifying!”


“Forget it, I can’t rely on you.” Lan Ruoxi pulled Hong Dali’s hand. “You stayed there with Xinxin and Nianwei. During this period of time, did you do it?”


“That’s right.” The third Elder lowered his voice and said, “To be frank, we are only a proxy for this Milky Way Virtual Network. If we really directly interfere internally, I fear that it will become very troublesome…”


Particle-beam cannons with a caliber of more than a thousand meters killed tens of thousands of Zergs with each shot. Also, those Zergs at the back all flew towards the starships. But when they knocked onto the starship’s defense domes, they were all electrocuted. Only a few Zergs managed to land onto the starships safely and released their corrosive acids onto the starships!


He walked slowly forward without any trace of anxiousness on his face when he heard his name being called.


His actions triggered a good feeling from Jiang Qianxue. What had happened was water under the bridgein this time and era, people like Tianyi were most sought after.



“Gasp—” Tang Long inhaled sharply. “You mean you are going to embed these gems onto equipment and sell them for one thousand each?”



“Nothing much, nothing much.” It was easy for him to become a vegetative person being with Lin Chuyin. The Bureau Chief didn’t think that he was as capable as Hong Dali and therefore, hurriedly retreated. “Continue busying yourself with your stuff. Remember to rest early, don’t tire yourself out.”


“Mother,” Hong Dali felt like he was about to cry and quickly pinched his nose. “I’m okay. I eat well and drink well there. Everything is good. Hehe. It feels quite good at the moment, I even met a few new friends. They are all very powerful.”


“Ah? Say something?” Hong Weiguo clearly felt uneasy. He was a man, after all. He did not express his feelings freely like his wife. But his pride, Hong Dali, had returned. It was certainly worth saying something. He stood up and sat beside Hong Dali. After a long time, he finally said, “Come home often.”

  • “Simple, five hundred thousand Galaxy Dollars.” The man with eagle eyes did not stand on ceremony at all. “I will stay here after that. Just let me know if you need me to retrieve someone’s head for you.”
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